The Only Way Out is Through

When we are faced with the truth and the truth hurts, the courage to sit and feel those emotions fully is required in order to process it and let it go.
I have learned that it hurts less in the long run to sit in that pain, than to avoid it. The more we deny it, resent someone else for it, ignore it, numb it out with drugs, sex, parties, distractions, and sometimes  blaming someone else for it, the longer it hurts, the more intense the pain becomes, and the more often it comes back into our lives repeating itself.
But even knowing this, doesn’t take the pain away. Knowing I’m brave and courageous doesn’t take the pain away. Knowing that it won’t last forever and that it will be over soon doesn’t make the pain less. Knowing that I’ll be okay and come out stronger doesn’t take the pain away. Knowing I will find peace, and maybe even a rainbow after the storm doesn’t ease the pain…
It hurts a lot. In this dark, lonely, and cold place, all I want to do is to reach out and grab for anything that can ease this pain- anything or anyone to release me from this suffering.
But the only way out is through
and that is where the answers are.
only way out is through
I must weather this storm. I must open my heart and mind to this: feel it, learn from it, and grow from it.

It is painful… but I will live. I will live through this. “Nothing lasts forever, including this…, and the sooner I allow it to flow through me, the sooner it will go away…” I remind myself. “The more I avoid the pain, or try to control the outcome, the longer, stronger, and harder the pain will remain.

Let it go… Let it flow…
So I offer this to you as well. You aren’t alone. You are strong.You are brave. You can handle this. If anyone can handle this, it is YOU! YOU are a winner. YOU are a survivor. YOU will overcome this. You don’t have to envision the future, or try harder, or even pretend everything is okay. All you have to do is let this experience flow through your life like clouds on a rainy day. Breathe it in and breathe it out.
Mourn your loss and move forward. 
There is no other direction but forward.

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