Today is Your Day 1


I was talking with a good friend about “stuff”. About how I’ve grown and started seeing things more clearly. I talked about the challenges of my codependent behaviors and struggle to make decisions that are good for me; prioritizing my mental and physical health before others. After seeing how much damage I have caused myself for the past 35 years, I told him I was excited and ready to make changes.

His response was so simple: “That’s awesome. Today is your Day 1.”

I don’t know what it was about that simplistic response. It felt so good to know that any day can be my Day 1. Even at this age, today can be my Day 1. And if today doesn’t go according to plan, I felt relief that tomorrow can be my Day 1 also.

Every day is a choice. Just because we fail one day, or make a bad choice one day, doesn’t mean tomorrow has to follow suit.

One day at a time

Here’s to Day 1!

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