Am I a Failure…?

Often, I feel like a total failure. I look in the mirror and see “FAILURE” in my reflection. I loathe around wondering how I got myself into this mess? Why did I make certain choices? Why can’t I make better ones? My life is a mess…

And then I remember… that’s the most selfish thing I could ever think. I look at my children and see the greatest, most magical miracles of the world. I did that… These little miracles came from me! These truly powerful, loving, good human beings… they call me “Mom”.

Yes, I have made more mistakes than I care to admit to. I continue to make mistakes I’m not proud of. But I’ve shown them that making mistakes should never keep you down, but push you to strive for better. Each and every day.

I took another look in the mirror and I saw…courage.


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